Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Currently listening to Celine Dion - I drove all night

Im surprised of how much this song reminds me of when i was younger. Swedish summernights can be magical and so bittersweet if you dont have anyone you can cuddle up with... Always in springtime i get this heartache about lost love, puppy love if you like. Do you remember your first crush? I do, it was the class sweetheart who everybody just forgave when he had done anything naughty. They just took one glance at his puppydog blue eyes and shiny white grin and everything was forgotten. I did ask if he wanted to be my boyfrind once in second grade and he agreed! For a week i was in heaven but then some other girl got the courage to ask him and he said yes to her!
Why do i think of this now? Because it was that same song i had on the stereo years ago, but with Cyndi Lauper singing it, when reading the morning paper and in an article read about some young guy being killed in a bike-car accident the night before. And then the next moment the phone rang and it was one of my old schoolfriends who rang to say he had died, that it was him they were writing about.... I never forget that moment or that song...

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