Tuesday, March 30, 2004

They've promised really warm and sunny weather for the rest of the week, I hope it holds for the weekend. There's only snow left now in the shady bits and the ice on the lake, but that will be melting quickly if it gets to be this warm.

I've received yet another postcard that we (me) bid on tradera.com. It is on the busy market square where my dad and grandma used to stand selling fresh vegetables. I've developed quite an interest in old postcards from Falun. James is also looking into old postcards but from England. Maybe that is what is keeping him from blogging? Well any excuse is a good one isn't it?

Friday, March 26, 2004

It is a bright and sunny day outside, of course I'm working!

It was a bit of a surreal day yesterday.. Remember a while ago, some 6 months.. I told you about a friend not being a friend anymore and the stick I got for being me? Well said friend came in the shop yesterday looking for work, she used to work there before she moved on to other things. I must say it was a weird feeling seeing her there. Not only because she once vowed to never come back but also because it was she who tried to make it out like I wanted her to come back and go back to how it used to be when we had our argument. Oh well, thing is, for a moment I felt guilty and 'bad' for ending the friendship all those months ago, this even though it wasn't me who suggested it ending in the first place. I'm not sure how to react either because she has been back in town since New Years, we met by chance when me and James went shopping, I had been warned that she was back in town so I was expecting to see her some day. She was very cool that first time but yesterday she seemed.. Oh I don't know. Sad I think is the closest I can come to describing it. But if she were the cool one the first time, I was ultra cool this time, maybe that's why she was sad. Sad that I didn't fold as I normally do and apologize for whatever she thinks I said and did wrong so we could get on again. I'm not sure but that is the feeling I'm left with. I could be completely wrong of course but still.

Oh btw, we didn't have any work for her now, but maybe for the summer. Interesting times ahead I think..

Thursday, March 25, 2004

The major site revamp are having tantrums and hiccups!!! Silly thing.

Oh well im sure James will figure it out even if he has to call in the cavallery at some point before he has pulled all his hair out. I've done the graphic bit but i leave the coding to him. He is so much better at it then i am anyway. And im sure that he will be blogging soon, well you know what i mean.. soonish.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Breaking news: Major site revamp in progress, stay tuned! Also in this issue *Shocker*, James promises to blog in very near future...

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Finaly back home!
Its been a very fun but busy day baking. We decided to try out different breads to see which ones are suited for baking in a woodfired oven.
This is what we tried today.

1. Gotland loaf
2. Rye loaf
3. Thecakes
4. Croissants with poppy seeds
5. Wheat buns with raisins
6. Tunnbröd (thin tortilla like bread)
7. Sticky bun log (only a half since we shared the last bits of flour when we made these)

All in all it is heavy and hot work making all that bread and ending up with so little now when you look at it. But it was a tester run anyway and we had great fun doing it all. Not to mention to bake the breads in the oven without it getting all black on one side and not baked at all on the other. I think we will be doing more tunnbröd next time round and having a different recipe with more spice in. I was very good at shuffeling those in and getting them out before they burnt to a crisp, which only took less then a minute if you werent paying attention! You also got very good at making the fire burn evenly after a while even though Lotta is sporting a few burnmarks on her arms because she werent thinking that the rim of the oven would be very hot.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

To bake or not to bake, that is the question.

Or rather, what to bake and what not to bake.
See it is like this. We are 3 girls from work who are planning to bake bigtime on Sunday in an old fashion baking oven. There are some places around that people can borrow if they want to do this. Does it sound strange? Oh well, on Sunday we are going to go medieval and bake the old fashioned way in a wood fueld oven. It will be up to James to make sure the heating is evenly dispensed and that there are enough hot coals for the bread to bake by. I think it will be somewhat messy but mostly fun. Lotta, me and Ulrika have plans, big plans for what we are going to bake. And I'm hoping it will be bread we are coming back with and not black logs of black, hard crusted, dry wannabee bread

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I've just succesfully bid on my first postcard! And no one bid against me so it is mine! Just have to pay the guy now and then it will be sent to us. No one has left a bid on our sofa covers yet though, but over 50 people have had a look at them. Im wondering if they are too expencive....

Sunday, March 14, 2004

James has shown me the wonderful new world of online auctions. I think he might regret it.. I've so far bid on 3 old postcards from Falun and we have also put up our sofa covers that we bought and never realised they were the wrong kind (try sticking a 2 seater cover on a 3 seater sofa and you'll understand) for auction. Yes I know we could have returned them but by the time we discovered the mistake it was too late and I had misplaced the receipt.

I like the old postcards from Falun, so far I have 12 in black and white and I'm trying to think about buying ones with buildings that aren't there anymore. They would be worth more ;o) But I also look at the scenes they picture and where they are taken from. I guess the online auctions are a bit of a substitute since there were loads of good live auctions on today but I'm working, so.. You take what you can get if you are addicted don't you?

What else in news. I'm trying to get back into the habit of blogging again. Even more since I've applied for another blog ring. Cant let Moi over at Blogphiles down now can I.

I've also set a few seeds but I think I might have been a wee bit too early. The broccoli are long and gangly and really no use. But they all came up! I'll see if I will reset them later on in April. But the ones for my balcony boxes has to go now or they'll wont be able to grow big enough for planting out. But they are sooo tiny.

I have done a bit more sewing on my bedspread, will probably do some more tonight. I'm feeling quite up to it as well which helps a lot! And there aren't so many squares left to do either. When you see the stack of unsewn patches go down you kind of get in there to finish them all off. Then you take a break for about a year or two before you sew them all together, right? ;o)

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Weekend and a new shift. I'm not sure I like it but what can I do about it? We didn't win the lotto this week either so it is back to the grindstone tomorrow.

2375kr... That is how much we got in spare change.. I just counted them all. We save them in paper rolls for the various coins. Blimey! And they are heavy as well. I better send James off to exchange them for more lightweight paper..

Friday, March 12, 2004

Isn't it just lovely when the sun is shining and it actually is warm? It is doing that right now! And I've cleaned out the balcony from the winter mess and am going out there to just sit and catch a few rays... Ahhh lovely

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Monday, March 08, 2004

What was that?!
It was the weekend racing past. It went oh too quickly for my liking. We had a pleasant day in town on Saturday, I bought some earring with giftvouchers I had from my birthday and also I bought 2 new CD's with another giftvoucher I got from Rosie. The CD's are by Nora Jones and Mauro Scocco. They were just collecting dust since I never got around buying anything for them when I got them last year. So I thought I would make good use of them on Saturday. Yesterday we went to IKEA in Valbo to have a look around. We weren't really looking for anything in particular, possibly a bookshelf to have in the guestroom since our main big one is stonking full after this years booksale! Didn't find any we really liked though, we did buy some simple shelves to put up in the kitchen though. Now all that is left is to paint them and get them in place....

New week and a new schedule from work. Wonder how I will like it... I'm supposed to be doing the bake-off section at work when I start today. And I will be getting home earlier as well. I start earlier on Tuesdays and Saturdays as well. Will have to see how I cope, the new schedule means more time at the tills again and I know my shoulders wont cope well with that if I cant get out and do something else once in a while. I'm getting worn out, sad but true...

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Working weekends really drains me of all energy right now. Its been up until today that I feel like I'm sort of getting in tune with the week. But I thought it was friday for a split second this morning at 9 when I woke , panicking because that meant I was late for work! But then I thought a bit longer and no I was alright, it is thursday, right?

Yesterday on my day off we went to Borlänge to investigate where James has to go when he is having his interview about a job tomorrow. Please think of him at around 10.30 swedish time and hold your fingers crossed that he will get it. It was a bit further out then we thought but he said he would be alright in getting there in time even though he will have to walk for quite a distance from the bus stop. We did pop in by Kupolen as well and managed to come just as the fire trucks arrived to the post center. Huge black clouds indicated that someone wasn't going to get their mail the next day. It wasn't as bad as we thought though seeing the little article about it in todays newspaper. It had been a little post van burning when re-charging its batteries. But from the smoke you would have thought at least half the building was going up in flames. We stood watching it for a while before going into the petshop. Our surviving siamese fighting fish didn't go so well with our new goldfish, the little bugger went and chewed on the goldfishes tails. So it was promptly put back into its old little tank. But it was getting depressed and not eating or swimming or anything so I came up with the brilliant idea to get it a mini tank with filter and plants and rocks to hide under. Thing is, the mini all- inclusive 'beginners' tank costed more then my bigger tank I had for christmas! At least it is eating again and swimming around. I'm thinking about getting it a mate, will have to see what I do. The new goldfish knows when it is feeding time now and they do swarm by the corner where I drop their food into the water, but they do that every time I come close to the tank anyway, greedy ickle buggers... :)