Sunday, September 26, 2004

We've been to have a look at the house... and its got a lot of potential, it could be a lovely house, no a great house! Of course there are some but's in there as well. Like could we stand the bathrooms while saving up to re do them, it got its own sewage and water well. We would have to check the quality of the water and make sure the well is deep enough. If the waters no good what would it cost to get tapped into the mains.

Some pro's and con's that we talked about.

The master bedroom is huge, 21 square meters! It has its own French balcony and 2 sets of big windows, one to the east and one to the south. There is a working fireplace but you would have to check that and the other fireplaces before buying. No evening sun which is good. The walls are a good 30 cm deep in the old part and the new extension looked nice as well with wood beams in the ceiling.

They used electricity for heating plus the fireplaces, could turn out expensive both ways considering how the price of electricity has been rising and rising and that we don't know anyone that could sell us cheap firewood.

All of the rooms are of a good size and the layout of them is fine. Mainly wallpapering to do there and possibly sand the floor in the dining room.

There's this ugly stain in the bathtub, maybe due to the water, and over all the bathrooms looked dingy and a bit out of place. Mish mashed if you know what I mean. The sauna wasn't installed but it was all prepared for one, don't think I'd like one though. You could instead move the shower and the toilet to the sauna room and have a big washing room/drying/ironing room. You would get a new washing machine and tumble dryer.

The kitchen would look absolutely smashing if you tore down a wall and made a kitchen island with the oven and work surfaces but is it a bearing wall? The oven and fridge/freezer are completely new, the fitted cupboards are ugly and worn/old not to mention the tiling(screaming 70s!) but they have a working wood fired baking oven.....

Garden looked a bit tired and could need some doing up but you got a very elegant greenhouse and some apple trees and redcurrent, gooseberry bushes. But all that would be quite easily taken care of.

But mainly, could we afford it, is it worth it? There have been 10 or so to have a look at it and a couple of them seem to be interested. I seriously don't think it is worth more then the asking price in its current state, maybe even lesser considering the state of the bathrooms and that the outside needs repainting. I don't think the bank would give us a big loan so it is already in the upper limit we have set ourselves and considering that we would like to do quite a lot in it that costs money it is a question of can we wait and save up for it to be fixed and live in what it looks like now and knowing myself I don't think I could. Maybe if I had to but it would be agonizing... hmmm, got to think that one over.
What a wonderful autumn sunday, crisp air, clear blue sky and completly still. And of course i have to work the best part of it! But i dont mind because we are going to have a look at a house later on this evening. Yes we are still looking for that dream house. But we are in no real rush so taking the time to have a look at possibilities are fun at the moment.

No other real news to tell. Am working today with the dreaded Boris. But so far so good. But it is tiresome to work with someone that completly ignores what you'r saying and complains when we dont do as he says, in other words when we dont do his work for him! But we have stopped covering for him, if its not done it's his problem not ours. And if he hits the high grade of pesky we are going to the Big Boss this time saying we dont want to work with Boris anymore and could he please be removed or else we want to change weekends! I dont think it would have such an impact if it was only me that said it but we are several now that feel this is the last straw and if nothing happens soon that is what we will do.

Better get ready for work... *sigh*

Monday, September 20, 2004

I've been reading Bellus Animus and got inspired to do something similare. So, what would you like to know about me? Is there anything at all? I'll blog about the three first questions i get in the comments. So fire away....

(please help me gods...what have i done!)

Thursday, September 16, 2004

We've bought a new car! At least we have made a down payment for it and now own the tires... Buying the whole car we will do on Monday or Tuesday depending on when the money gets transferred from England. We test drove it yesterday and it felt very nice, handled like a dream and what me and James could make out nothing seriously wrong with it. It's had all its check ups and its only 5 years old. Plus it is a Volvo. They usually are good standard cars, bit boxy in the past but quite nice now a days. I think we'll call it Rosalind. :o)

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Guests have come and gone and everything is back to normal. Plus an autumn cold I might add. It was fun having my inlaws over for a long weekend. We managed to do lots and see a bit more of the area around Falun as well on Saturday. Best part I think was the bowling on Friday evening. I think I'll ask James to go bowling with me on Saturday if he isn't too tired from working extra. He has his mind set on buying a house now so every time he gets a little extra he says we got a new thing to the house, like a porch, a window, I think he has managed to squeeze in a roof as well in there...

I was in a baking mood yesterday, thought I'd try out Mr Jamie Oliver's stuffed breakfast breads. PfffT! As you might have guessed it didn't go so well. And I thought it tasted like sweaty socks even though the stuffing sounded nice and looked nice(parma ham, mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, sun dried tomatoes, basil and hard boiled eggs)! That might just have been my cold BUT the breads did NOT look anything like his, firstly they were humongus in size even though I tried to make them smaller but then the filling wouldn't have fitted at all and they didn't stay nice and puffed instead they just swelled all over the baking tray like a sloppy jello gone bad. So I had to put them in separate trays or else it would have been one gigantic mutant bread that would have I'm sure taken over the world like the big amoeba in the film Evolution tried in the end sequence!

So today I'm trying something more sublte and easy, potato and leek soup. I've done it a gazillion times before but remembering yesterday I'm keeping my mouth shut until I've tasted it. Later I'm going to do a batch of Swedish meat balls for the freezer so James only have to take a ready made meal out if we are out of ideas for dinner or his next day lunch box. Wish me luck though!