Friday, November 29, 2013

Keeping warm

I wish for steady cold weather so our heating system will kick in properly instead of going luke warm/cold/warm/cold/warm/too warm/luke warm/cold depending on how the temps outside shift every day! I have said it before and will say it again, do not buy into the air to air heating if they so GIVE you the bloody system! At the moment it is around -2 outside and the temps inside are +16 downstairs with maybe 19 upstairs. I can't be bothered to light a fire so am having a sea of candles lit and wrapped in a blanket instead, which is comfy until you need to move....

I have just finished my second wedding quilt for the year, can't show you any pictures yet or it won't be a surprise for certain people. It will have a disclaimer packed with it saying it is returnable and exchangeable for something else, no hard feelings. :)

So now I am entitled to some me sewing time. I am doing Bonnie Hunters mystery quilt again this year as I loved how last years one looked and how easy it was getting it done in steps.