Saturday, May 21, 2011


Yes, the garden is up and running. Spuds in the ground together with carrots, beetroot, dill, parsley, sugar snap peas, onions, leeks, runner beans, wax beans, broad beans sown inside so the fecking birds wont eat them all, squash plants on the go inside as well since it is a bit too chilly for them yet to go out.

New perennials have been planted in the new border by the hedge towards the street. All other borders weeded and I've already seen some things I want to move because they are getting crowded out and a shrub that needs replanting somewhere else since it doesn't like its current spot. Other then that all the new roses we planted last year seem to be coming along, not a single death yet this year but then the last winter we had wasn't all that harsh like the year before.

Have to measure for a trellis of some kind backing up to our new decking so I can plant my new clematis. Also got to decide what to do with the wild section. I like it being wild and rough but not when it gets over run by dandelions and that other pesky weed. We did cut back on it last year when I decided that the cats would lose their litter box, it was really smelling awful around the bushes, so I changed it around and added more lawn going in around the bushes. I am now thinking I might do the same on the other half and just keep a smaller part of it as a flower bed and pack as much ground covering plants in there as I can.

Generally all our plants are bulking out nicely and covering the ground so there hopefully wont be too much weeding for me to do. Since my hands seem to be deteriorating in strength quite considerably since last year I have to think of ways to make the garden easier to manage. But I don't want to resort to just having shrubs and lawn. Just have to crack on and get the borders separated from the ever creeping lawn with something nice like paving stones or a wooden plank or something similar so I don't need to do so much trimming of the verge, which I usually do by hand.

Sewing is put a bit on the back burner on nice days like today but I can happily report that the sewing machine from hell now is from heaven again and it is working out quite nicely. Got at least half of the first heart quilt free hand quilted and the thread doesn't snap every 5 cm any more, just the odd time when I am going too quickly over a thick layer of seams....