Saturday, January 31, 2004

Im going to apply for a job i saw in the newspaper. It is at CSN. They grant loans for students in Sweden. If i understand correctly you will be giving advise and helping out generally at their helpline and filing the loan applications and likes. Im going to give it a shot anyway. Now to the hard bit, writing an interesting CV!

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I had just noticed, it doesnt get dark untill 4.30 now a days! Its amazing how a few minutes each day make you peark up. But the thought of tomorrow plunks me straight back down again. Im going to the dentists to fix a hole in a back tooth. I HATE going to the dentists. Or rather what they can do to your poor teeth! At least im going first thing in the morning so it is over and done with on my day off. Why do i constantly make arrangements for doing stuff on my day off? In the end it is a hectic day with lots of To Do things on a list waiting to be ticked off. Its not really a day off is it then?

I might learn, someday that days off are supposed to be just that. Maybe.. :)

Saturday, January 24, 2004

To have someone that talks in his sleep is very amusing and bewildering at the same time. Last night James was very tired and dropped off into bed very early. He said he would take a short nap, but when the nap just lingered on i went in to see if he wanted to get up or stay in bed and sleep for the night. When asking him if he was awake since he looked it i got a response somewhere around the lines of " an onion is smaller then an apple". I realised he wasnt awake and had a giggle but then he told me to go away in a sleepy kind of shrug. I left him to it and went back to my book. I do wonder how his mind works and what that was all about though.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Another long absence. I'm out of things to blog about. Horrible thought isn't it? Of course there are much to blog about yet but I haven't had any inspiration at all to sit down and write. Sometimes I've thought ' oh I really should have blogged about that ' but any further then a thought it has not yet become.

We had a blizzard at the start of the week and now it has gone very very cold. Sunny but cold and everything is covered in a thick layer of white crisp snow. We even went out to walk a bit in it and waddle through the thick snow drifts that the wind was making. There is something special about walking through snow up to your knees :)

James' work seems to have dried up. Not a phonecall from them for the past 4 weeks isn't a good sign. At least he is able to cash in on the dole since he joined the union a year ago. Every little thing helps I suppose. But I really do wish he would find a new job that is a more permanent one then the one in the book printers. Would put my restless mind to rest a bit more. That's another thing. I'm so restless. I cant concentrate and am fidgeting about almost everything. Wanting change, NOW type of mood. But what sort fo change you ask? Heck if I know. More then the obvious one of course, a change of jobs. I've been too long holding onto this crappy work in a supermarket. I think it is time someone else got it so I could get on with my life and do something I like for a change. Ha! Only if we win 20 million on the lottery this Saturday could we do that. Money is king in this world and oh how I hate to be bound to a work I really don't like anymore just because you need one to pay your bills so you can have somewhere to stay. Oh that did sound very spoilt didn't it. Think of all the people who don't have a home or a work to go to... But still you get the drift don't you, I'm fed up!

Monday, January 05, 2004

Have you got a memory that sticks there just because it was so brilliant when it happened but when explained later seems slightly weird? Well I now have one. It was on New Years day, family dinner with James' parents and his sister and her bf Steve. We had had our lovely turkey dinner that James' mum had prepared and we decided we would play a game called Quotations. In it there are several different groups of questions to answer, one group of them being Buzz Words. In Buzz words the whole point is that when one player reads the question the other players have to guess what word is missing from a sentence, when they know the word they shout BUZZ and the one who gets it first gets to answer, simple don't you think?

Well in the heat of the game you do mix your words up and it is only natural, anyway I think so, that you should shout the right answer instead of BUZZ. Well Steve did just that. But since James shouted BUZZ first he had the first chance of guessing. Remember this being a very simple question, the sentence you had to complete was "Like a .... out of water". You all know that the missing word is fish, if you didn't know you would have heard Steve shout it and guessed it was the right one since he shouted f*ck afterwards since he botched it. Anyway, we played in teams and James and me were one team. And I thought, great, at least we will lose one of our cards in this game when James were quick. But do you know what he said? Instead of a fish out of water he said duck and looked very smug for a second thinking he had guessed it right before I whacked him! He got this thing about ducks, it all started with a question in Trivial Pursuit that had something to do with animals hibernating and right out of the blue James wondered if Swedish ducks did hibernate like ordinary ducks did.....! We only played that for one round and then moved on to a more sinister game of Scruples....This is where you get questions that will test your moral values and if you can lie convincingly to bodge others. Also it shows how well you know each other...

Christmas was lovely especially having my sister and her bf here did make it extra special. Then we spent new year at James' parents in England. And I think that was just what the doctor prescribed for me. I was still coughing quite a lot from the flu I had before Christmas. But the mild weather in England and some retail therapy did the trick it seems ;)

Ah yes, SALE is a word I love to see when visiting England. I bought 7 new tops and 3 pairs of trousers plus got some lingerie from James.. . Plus everything else we got it is a bloody miracle we weren't overweight when checking in at the airport when going back! We went to 3 different city's shopping(joy joy joy) But also we did get to see James grandparents as well as James getting a football game in there as well. Being a huge Ipswich fan he was very pleased at them winning the game on Saturday. Me, I went to town with James mum and did some last minute shopping before going back to Sweden while he watched a round ball being kicked from one side of a pitch to the other. Hmpf, men and their sport! ;)

And we watched Love Actually on New Years Eve in Ipswich big cinema multiplex. I thought it was a weird film to start with but once you got the number of different stories they were following it was very good. But sad towards the end in two occasions. Being a chick flick I'd still recommend it to guys to go see. Talking about films, I'm major disappointed about The Return of the King! You could see where there will be longer scenes once the extended version comes out, you got this feeling about vital information being cut out and you sat there feeling cheated. And that I wasn't expecting from seeing the two other films. Still it is an amazing film and the effects and the story over all is still excellent. Just is, we wanted better for the last film!