Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Another long absence. I'm out of things to blog about. Horrible thought isn't it? Of course there are much to blog about yet but I haven't had any inspiration at all to sit down and write. Sometimes I've thought ' oh I really should have blogged about that ' but any further then a thought it has not yet become.

We had a blizzard at the start of the week and now it has gone very very cold. Sunny but cold and everything is covered in a thick layer of white crisp snow. We even went out to walk a bit in it and waddle through the thick snow drifts that the wind was making. There is something special about walking through snow up to your knees :)

James' work seems to have dried up. Not a phonecall from them for the past 4 weeks isn't a good sign. At least he is able to cash in on the dole since he joined the union a year ago. Every little thing helps I suppose. But I really do wish he would find a new job that is a more permanent one then the one in the book printers. Would put my restless mind to rest a bit more. That's another thing. I'm so restless. I cant concentrate and am fidgeting about almost everything. Wanting change, NOW type of mood. But what sort fo change you ask? Heck if I know. More then the obvious one of course, a change of jobs. I've been too long holding onto this crappy work in a supermarket. I think it is time someone else got it so I could get on with my life and do something I like for a change. Ha! Only if we win 20 million on the lottery this Saturday could we do that. Money is king in this world and oh how I hate to be bound to a work I really don't like anymore just because you need one to pay your bills so you can have somewhere to stay. Oh that did sound very spoilt didn't it. Think of all the people who don't have a home or a work to go to... But still you get the drift don't you, I'm fed up!

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