Monday, July 29, 2002

My last week of doingnothingnotacareintheworld! But this week we will be doing a bit more stuff. Tomorrow we have a concert to go to. Rhapsody in rock with Robert Wells and guests. That will be fun.

And then on wednesday we are taking the train down to Gothenburg to meet up with Mary. We'll just stay there over night though before heading back up, but it gives us a chance to see her and have a good gossip about whats been going on since we last saw her in february. Hopefully we wont burn down the house! Knowing the jinxed story about our previous meets im not holding my breath about anything! LOL
Maybe the bbq planned isnt such a good idea? ;o)
At least i would have made my cheesecake to comfort us if anything happens.....

Todays job is to find a suitable housewarming present for Mary, hopefully she doesnt read this before we are down there, so any suggestions what to give?

Friday, July 26, 2002

Productive day ...
Got up, had a chat to my friend Mary from Ireland on ICQ, got all giddy because we're going down to see her next week since she is in Gothenburg on vacation! Woke James up because we were going to bowl with my mum at 1. Did that, much fun and laughter as my mum managed to TROW the ball instead of nicely roll it away. Im amazed the floor held up for the thuds! After a few games of knocking down pins we went to have a try at the local puttputt game. I sucked at it! But my mum must have practised in secret because she was brilliant at it! Do you KNOW how frustrating it is to get the damn ball through the grid and then use up your remaining shots trying to persuade it into the damn hole! Im useless at putting.
When we had played all 18 holes it was well into the afternoon so we went for some chinese food. And then when we came home i fell asleep! Must be the week of not sleeping properly catching up. I always am an insomniac when James is working nights. Sad isnt it...?

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

I am SICK AND TIRED OF ERROR 503!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today was supposed to be productive in the way of looking for a suitable place to hold our wedding at. But i wasnt in the mood for such things and halfheartedly looked at Rankhyttans Herrgĺrd and then told mum we might as well go out to Sundborn to have a look if we could see any of the other places i'd noticed in the leaflet from the touristagency. We ended up having a cup of coffee at Carl Larssons homestead and then looking around in the tourist trap shops around there. I found some very nice pottery....Im a sucker for well done gorgeous pottery.So i bought a big nice bowl in swedish traditional style, a jug in a more modern fashion and a bowl with a lovely cream yellow inside to the glazed terracotta on the outside.

Later on in the evening there was Cruising in town. Old vintage cars, most of them american, cruising slowly around town, shoking on the fumes and getting soaked with the unexpected downpour of rain... That was our afternoon. And now my stomache is complaining about something i have eaten earlier and im not feeling all that well so i will head off for bed in a minute. Night

Monday, July 22, 2002

The boat trip was nice, weather could have been better but it still was warm and enjoyable.

Today me and my mum went to IKEA in Valbo, its a big shoppingcenter getting even bigger. I found some nice bedside tables that i bought and have now painted a nice ice blue color. Only have to put a few layers of lacquer on now before their ready to use. I also committed myself to sewing new pillowcovers for the bed. But maybe i have to do my mums pillow first, or else im sure she'll sulk. Besides i have to get some zippers for my new project before i can start.

It thundered a bit today, i was busy painting the tables so i couldnt be bothered to get all jittery about the lightning. James kept on pacing the room though and didnt want to sit still when he saw the lightning. Apparently it is worse to see the lightning then hear the thunder? Weird..

Tomorrow i dont have anything planned more then the weekly visit to my grans. Oh, i have to go to the post office for her to collect her pension, but thats all. I also promised my mum i would help out cleaning at grans, why does it seem that all i do this vacation is clean and do household chores?? Not really, but sometimes it feels like that, im just spoiled from when James didnt work fulltime and had the time to do it all for me.

To answer John's question "What is Kubb". Kubb is an old viking game made populare again. In short you trow wooden trowingsticks to knock down bigger blocks of wood in a 'court' measuring 5x8 meters. If you knock one of your opponents blocks they have to trow it from his baseline into your half and first knock that down before attempting to knock any down from your baseline. Once you've got rid of all your opponents blocks you get the chance of taking down the central block called the king. First to knock it down wins. If your interested read more here

Sunday, July 21, 2002

Oh how i love family disputes!

Right now my mum is very pissed off with my sister not phoning her at all since the whole mess with sis and her bf started. And since they came up unexpectantly this weekend and never phoned my mum telling her that they were up here, i fully understand my mum. Sister called me to say they were coming up and that meant i had to be messenger to mum about sisters whereabouts. Talk about being caught in the middle! And yesterday could have been a lot worse i suppose in the family drama aspect. But it was enough as it was. The visit to gran was a scene of me talking, mum sitting quietly not saying anything, sister totally unaware of that it was her that had caused mum being so pissed off and James and Hasse trying desperatly not to get involved. It all ended with me saying that since both of them were being pigheaded and no one saying ANYTHING about it all, those who were interested could come up to our place for pie and a game off Kubb afterwards, after that speach i went to get ready and the silence in the other room was deafening untill i returned again.

My mum didnt come, sister and bf did. We had some nice meatpie and sallad and a game of Kubb. Later on we watched Bridget Jones Diary on video and just chilled out. I called my mum after sister had left and she was very sad and depressed. She had been sitting on a chair contemplating her life all afternoon. :o(
I talked to her for a while and she seemed to pick up a bit. I asked her to come out with us on Slussbruden for a tour of the lake and a stop at Torsĺng today. It is a bit cloudy but it might pick up mid day. We're taking our cameras with us anyway. Even James' old digital Mr Speedy migth be able to take a few nice ones. Im off to get ready now. Blog later about the tour!

Friday, July 19, 2002

Rain and more rain....YES!
Humidity raising though...boooo!

It was quite a productive day today. Went and got my worktrousers that i have had fixed. Quickly went around the shops(nothing had changed according to James) and bought a nice sweater like jacket. Got home and was hungry so made some yummy pasta with bacon, tomatoes, onions and basil. After that we went to the bowling alley. Had a couple of rounds knocking down some pins, very theraputic, but couldnt do too much since my shoulder got hurting. I won over James the last round though, YaY me for that!
Then it was a really relaxed afternoon with the telly. And me doing some cleaning up while James went down to the local supermarket for some necesseties (Digestives....)

My sister came up unexpectantly yesterday with bf (they've resolved the matters before) so we are meeting up with them at grans tomorrow and see where we go after that. Might be a game of puttputt (James word for miniture golf) or we might go back to mums for dinner. We'll see how that ends.. It will be nice seeing her again though.

And now it is bed, im yawning my head off here. Night all!

Thursday, July 18, 2002

WHAT do you need to do to get some cooler air?
Dance a raindance, make some sort of human offering to the weather gods.

As you guessed it is AGAIN superwarm, overcast and stuffy, plsplsplspls let there be thunder later on today!
But we managed to go for a bikeride out to Källviken. It was earlier on and it was still cool from the night before so it was wonderful going there and have a rest on one of the benches at the marina and watch the few boats that were out in the very still waters of Runn. The whole lake looked like one giant mirror, not a ripple in sight. Wonderful..

Im now going to get my photos im having developed. Some of them are from last years festival (hohum) But i have to say i dont use that camera that often, thats why they are old in it.... believe me? :o)

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Another perfect swedish summers day. I really am wondering how much sweat you can lose during one day! It feels like buckets full, especially since i've been really 'sporty' and biked a lot today.

As usuall on tuesdays it was granny day. I went shopping for her and she came out with me for a stroll to the garbage shoot out in the yard. She met some of her neighbours and had a little chatter. She is still well known from her working days. She and my dad had a vegetable and fruit stand in the market so naturally they got to know lots of people. Gran did work with it untill she was well in her 70's before they had to close down because there really werent any business to talk about in the end. One of the bad things with modern supermarkets, they trow all the old specialized little shops out of business. Well at least here in Sweden that was what happend. Am i old fashioned when i want to go to the local butcher and get my meat? Or to the deli round the corner to get my whatnots of cheese and ham? Sure supermarkets are good and efficent when you want to buy cheap, in bulk and everything at once. But i like the idea of the small shop around the corner.

I've been bored all day today. Is the rest of the vacation going to be like this? If it is it SUCKS. Maybe boredom is to blame in me biking up the long hill to the cemetary so i could go water the plants and discover it was all wet already? And maybe boredom made me go an extra long round to get to my mums to leave her earrings she forgot at the hairdressers and made me go pick up? Heh...well at least it might have the good effect of me getting a bit more toned and slim for it. Not that i would count on it though, LOL!

Monday, July 15, 2002

They have promised even warmer for tomorrow, how, oh how will i survive!
That was a long shopping list wasnt it if it took untill today to finish it... ;)

Well, i wasnt in the mood to blog so, what can I say...

Today has really been cleaning day and washing day and HOT SUMMERS DAY with sweat pouring from every pore in my body! So even though its only 5 in the afternoon i am totally washed up and melting! But there is a bit more clouds out there today so i will be having a shower soon and going off for some shopping of cold drink. The shop was totally out of Pepsi yesterday so James came back with 2 very small bottles, which wont last very long in this sun. So im going a hunting later on, besides i can need a break from all the household chores. No wonder James had this smug grin on his face today when he went to work because he knew what was in store for me with the washing and the cleaning and all that stuff that he generally does.. Am i spoiled? YES! We LOVE not needing to do all of this i'll tell you.
We? Heh... I of course, cant be so pompous as to talk in third person? Well, yeah we can.. ;o)

Sunday, July 14, 2002

How life tosses you around...
Friday being my last day before my 3 week vacation i was set to really enjoy myself. But the last day was crap and i totally just gave up on working with Mr T. So in the end i didnt do much at all, leaving most of it for him to sort with during the afternoon. Came home, sat in the sofa and the next minute i slept. Later on when returning my mums call she made while i was sleeping, i got some terrible news from her, which im sorry i wont tell you all about, but that upset me a lot. I still am. But as they so nicely say, only time will tell.
Didnt really feel like going to the festival friday night so stayed in and had a lazy evening.

Come saturday and having talked to mum again i felt a bit better so the three of us went to the festival during the whole day. But im disappointed, it seems as if the festival is getting smaller. There usually is a HUGE market going on in town but it was really..petty this time. And they've done some changes in the festival itself that felt, awkward and wrong. But i think the main thing was that they now have made it forbidden to drink alcohol in the park where it is being held. So you cant bring your own bottle of wine or cold beer to your picnic anymore, which i think pissed many off. And they just have the one big stage now, and not like it was before, 3 of various sizes. So it all felt slow and dragging when there wasnt anything on the main stage and nothing on in the small dance tent. It was BORING! We listend to an american folkmusic group called Child's Play. A wonderful mix of american, irish, rumanian folkmusic played with violins. There were reels, jigs, rumanien dance music etc. And some extras as well as the man making music only using his hands and body. I bought a cd with them as well which im listening to right now,stomping my ickle feet in tune. We also listend to Cara Dillon from Ireland before going off to have something to eat.The main attraction later on in the evening was as good as i remembered, if only they could have sacked the soundtechnician guy. The sound was terrible the second part, to high and screetchy(?)
I will return with more on yesterdays concerts after we've been shopping. :o)

Thursday, July 11, 2002

So whats new in the land of the few...
Only one day left for me to work before i go on vacation, YaY to that. But part from that, nothing else to report really. Weather is scorching though but they have promised a bit of reliefe for tomorrow. Im hoping for thunderstorms to clear out the stuffy weather. Im going to bed soon so no nice festival for me tonight. I wouldnt really be up to it either since i am working early tomorrow morning and am really half sleeping here already. But maybe me and James will tag along with Rosie and Pär for the evening out tomorrow. Rosie said there would be some bands playing blues and the likes, so that suits me just fine.

Will be back with a music report later on tomorrow i suppose so blog later. Night

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Btw, i hate those robots scimming the net for emailaddys to post spam to! So i've change my email slightly, please make a note of it when you mail me.. ;o) (not a hint at all...)
It IS hot,stuffy and humid out there...
It was just like walking into a thin warm soup, no air to speak of at all. Oh well, hopefully it will thunder a bit later on today, it might help it lift a bit. Im off to visit my gran before going downtown to soak up some of that lovely music festival ambiance. Blog later
Oh, ouch, groan, !#¤#¤*&/&§¤!!!!
I hate the mornings after i work in the veggies and theres been a lot to do! When i woke up just now and stretched EVERY part of my body ached and protested about being moved about! Now it will take me forever to get going, and it is my day off! *sulk*

But, what a splendid day off it is! Sun, sun and more sun. It is about 25 degrees out there as well. Hope it isnt as stuffy and humid as it was yesterday. I havent been out yet....Might as well go out with the garbage and get to know, be right back

Monday, July 08, 2002

Yes, Big Brother is back. But very quiet and 'short'. Maybe the week with his missus wasnt good? Maybe he got his notice from Big Boss? Who knows, i only know that when i saw him at work today he didnt seem to have a lot of spark in him. And sadly i thought that was the most exellent thing i've seen for ages!!!
Yesterday was a very weird day. I start work at 1 but there really wasnt any people in and nothing to do in the store so i got to go home earlier. So the day felt a bit, useless really. I will have to see if Big Boss comments on me leaving early. But i did help Boris out doing all of the dairy section for him before asking if it was alright to go home early since it was my brothers birthday and we were going there afterwards. Speaking of Boris, it has been alright to work with him this weekend. Im still in shock! Well maybe it did make a difference that i helped Boris out previously in the week. You never know how that turns out, helping him i mean. Either he can be very nice to you for a while afterwards, or he will assume that your his slave and he'll put every imaginable work on you from then on. But, i dont really care about which for the moment, Im going on holiday in 4 days time so he can do whatever he likes.

Big Brother was away on vacation last week. Wonder if he is back already? Gossip at works says that he will only be here untill this fall, but he thinks himself that he still has a year left here. It will be interesting to see if Big Boss has the balls to tell his brother off.. Im sure that he gets cut off because of his behaviour against the girls during the parties we've had. But according to Big Brother he has been so nice and the perfect gentleman every time. HA!

It will be so incredibly NICE to see him go you cant imagine it. I dont think i've ever met anyone as false and hollow as that man. I would say he is the classic , not pervert but close, Mr Nice Guy turning ugly. Oh he is really all charm and witt to start with. But if you dont meet his 'standards' you get cut short and backstabbed when not in the room, but still he is all sweet towards you. Yuck!
So at last the music festival is here again. It is one of my favorite things to do in summer, to go and listen to all this new and interesting, weird music. The theme this year is apparently music from the Cape Verde islands. Should make an interesting week. And to those who wonder who is coming to town, of course i mean all the 'alternative' people. Not that i have anything against them. But they are not your everyday encounter down town so i suppose you notice them more. And they always, always bring this smell with them. The smell of incense over a more potent smell of weed. Everywhere they set their little stands up, selling all sorts from the furthest corners of the world, there is this sweet, flowery and strange smell.

You get the african rastas, the indians from peru, the overgrown hippies from Sweden (yes they look overgrown) tourists from all over the place, saying how quaint and exotic it is, new age gurus, plus many more. And everywhere these tam-tam drums, fiddlesqueeks, didgeridoos playing constantly all through the night. You also get the spontainius street dance parties, general drunkeness, and the mix of music you get when people meet up and ask how your strange instrument works and if you would like to jam with them to see how it sounds like. I bet Rosie will be out shaking her african rattle with some music lovers in the park this year as she did last year.

Friday, July 05, 2002

It was easy work today. Even had time to sit down and have a little gossip with the girls at work becuase it was so quiet. There were lots of angry shit talking going on because of the recent developments at work. And previous staff parties... I do wonder more often why im still at this work. But i have to bend and stay at it a bit longer. James still havent got any steady job so cant really scamper out of my work just yet.

I was thinking today when sitting at the till how nice it would be to have a house. I started to wonder what sort of house i would like to have one day. Well thats not really true, i've been wanting a house for the last half year or so. Can you get a lust for houses? Really really needing like? Maybe i just want somewhere that i can call my own. Where i can do whatever i like, whenever i like.
Is it really morning?
Why am i so tired then? Maybe because i stayed up last night watching Moonstruck on video? Naaah cant be that...

It is as usuall pouring down with rain today, welcome to the swedish rainperiod. Hopefully it will be better soon because i dont want it to be like this on my vacation that start in 7days! 3 weeks of lazy-doing-nothing-filled days... oh joy... Sad thing is that James will be working the first two weeks of it. Oh well i will just have to go fishing a lot or do something else to amuse myself. Wonder what that would be though. I dont really have any hobbies or what you call it that really interests me so much i that you could call it a hobby. Hmmmm, maybe if i wasnt such a scatterbrain i would be able to focus on something more then the first interesting new bit and actually finish it. Which doesnt happen all that often. I like to try things out, but most dont get finished, they lay strewn all around my apartment looking sad untill i clean them away thinking, i will finish it some day, soon, very soon or maybe a bit later....

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Are you bored? Go PLAY!!
Yet another night where it is hard to get to sleep. Good thing is that im off work tomorrow so im not that stressed about needing to get in bed. Yet that is..

When do you know when a friend isnt a friend anymore? Does it just dwindle into nothing and you really dont know at what point it happend or is it a sudden kind of aha moment? Im always blind to the fact that some people just dont want to be friends anymore and get a rude awakening when it does happen. I suppose i dont see it because i dont want to, or something like that...
I know you sometimes grow apart, you chose differently and no longer have anything in common with each other more then that you knew one another when growing up, but when it happens suddenly i just dont get it. One minute your someones friend and then the next, your not? Just because? Because of what? Really i have no idea why. Is it too much to ask for a why? Why, what did i do, or not do, you never know do you. And that is what hurts the most, you just dont know why and dont get told either because your not a friend anymore....

Monday, July 01, 2002

Mondays... there should be a law against mondays....

This weeks monday was ok-ish though. And since it is now just a looong countdown to when my vacation starts (11 days) i suppose i can stand it for a bit longer. Nothing really interesting happend today at all. Work was alright, lots of people for a change but not too stressed out about it. Only downside is that James is working nights this week and i oh so hate it to go to bed alone. Thats why im going to be fiddling wiht a puzzle we bought on Saturday untill my eyes cant stay open any longer and then im just going to dive into bed and try to sleep. But cant stay up too late since i got an early morning tomorrow.

The thunderstorm yesterday did hit a 100 year old tree not far from where we live and the lightning cut the tree in half and pulverised it. No wonder the loudest bang made our windows rattle and all my flowerplants to shudder in the shockwave. Scary, because another lightning hit the hospitals officebuildings just across from where we live. I saw that one and that was too close for comfort. Its been a lot of thunder lately and they are more violent. I can still remember the one from last summer that came very quickly in the night and lasted for over an hour with hundreds of lightningstrikes in the Falun area. Im of the opinion that it is the global warming that is making these effects shown. And as they say , the weather will only get more extreme the longer it goes on for. And we still havent seen the effects of the pollution put out in our time and age so you really do wonder what is ahead to come...