Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Today was supposed to be productive in the way of looking for a suitable place to hold our wedding at. But i wasnt in the mood for such things and halfheartedly looked at Rankhyttans Herrg─║rd and then told mum we might as well go out to Sundborn to have a look if we could see any of the other places i'd noticed in the leaflet from the touristagency. We ended up having a cup of coffee at Carl Larssons homestead and then looking around in the tourist trap shops around there. I found some very nice pottery....Im a sucker for well done gorgeous pottery.So i bought a big nice bowl in swedish traditional style, a jug in a more modern fashion and a bowl with a lovely cream yellow inside to the glazed terracotta on the outside.

Later on in the evening there was Cruising in town. Old vintage cars, most of them american, cruising slowly around town, shoking on the fumes and getting soaked with the unexpected downpour of rain... That was our afternoon. And now my stomache is complaining about something i have eaten earlier and im not feeling all that well so i will head off for bed in a minute. Night

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