Friday, July 19, 2002

Rain and more rain....YES!
Humidity raising though...boooo!

It was quite a productive day today. Went and got my worktrousers that i have had fixed. Quickly went around the shops(nothing had changed according to James) and bought a nice sweater like jacket. Got home and was hungry so made some yummy pasta with bacon, tomatoes, onions and basil. After that we went to the bowling alley. Had a couple of rounds knocking down some pins, very theraputic, but couldnt do too much since my shoulder got hurting. I won over James the last round though, YaY me for that!
Then it was a really relaxed afternoon with the telly. And me doing some cleaning up while James went down to the local supermarket for some necesseties (Digestives....)

My sister came up unexpectantly yesterday with bf (they've resolved the matters before) so we are meeting up with them at grans tomorrow and see where we go after that. Might be a game of puttputt (James word for miniture golf) or we might go back to mums for dinner. We'll see how that ends.. It will be nice seeing her again though.

And now it is bed, im yawning my head off here. Night all!

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