Monday, July 22, 2002

The boat trip was nice, weather could have been better but it still was warm and enjoyable.

Today me and my mum went to IKEA in Valbo, its a big shoppingcenter getting even bigger. I found some nice bedside tables that i bought and have now painted a nice ice blue color. Only have to put a few layers of lacquer on now before their ready to use. I also committed myself to sewing new pillowcovers for the bed. But maybe i have to do my mums pillow first, or else im sure she'll sulk. Besides i have to get some zippers for my new project before i can start.

It thundered a bit today, i was busy painting the tables so i couldnt be bothered to get all jittery about the lightning. James kept on pacing the room though and didnt want to sit still when he saw the lightning. Apparently it is worse to see the lightning then hear the thunder? Weird..

Tomorrow i dont have anything planned more then the weekly visit to my grans. Oh, i have to go to the post office for her to collect her pension, but thats all. I also promised my mum i would help out cleaning at grans, why does it seem that all i do this vacation is clean and do household chores?? Not really, but sometimes it feels like that, im just spoiled from when James didnt work fulltime and had the time to do it all for me.

To answer John's question "What is Kubb". Kubb is an old viking game made populare again. In short you trow wooden trowingsticks to knock down bigger blocks of wood in a 'court' measuring 5x8 meters. If you knock one of your opponents blocks they have to trow it from his baseline into your half and first knock that down before attempting to knock any down from your baseline. Once you've got rid of all your opponents blocks you get the chance of taking down the central block called the king. First to knock it down wins. If your interested read more here

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