Friday, July 26, 2002

Productive day ...
Got up, had a chat to my friend Mary from Ireland on ICQ, got all giddy because we're going down to see her next week since she is in Gothenburg on vacation! Woke James up because we were going to bowl with my mum at 1. Did that, much fun and laughter as my mum managed to TROW the ball instead of nicely roll it away. Im amazed the floor held up for the thuds! After a few games of knocking down pins we went to have a try at the local puttputt game. I sucked at it! But my mum must have practised in secret because she was brilliant at it! Do you KNOW how frustrating it is to get the damn ball through the grid and then use up your remaining shots trying to persuade it into the damn hole! Im useless at putting.
When we had played all 18 holes it was well into the afternoon so we went for some chinese food. And then when we came home i fell asleep! Must be the week of not sleeping properly catching up. I always am an insomniac when James is working nights. Sad isnt it...?

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