Sunday, July 21, 2002

Oh how i love family disputes!

Right now my mum is very pissed off with my sister not phoning her at all since the whole mess with sis and her bf started. And since they came up unexpectantly this weekend and never phoned my mum telling her that they were up here, i fully understand my mum. Sister called me to say they were coming up and that meant i had to be messenger to mum about sisters whereabouts. Talk about being caught in the middle! And yesterday could have been a lot worse i suppose in the family drama aspect. But it was enough as it was. The visit to gran was a scene of me talking, mum sitting quietly not saying anything, sister totally unaware of that it was her that had caused mum being so pissed off and James and Hasse trying desperatly not to get involved. It all ended with me saying that since both of them were being pigheaded and no one saying ANYTHING about it all, those who were interested could come up to our place for pie and a game off Kubb afterwards, after that speach i went to get ready and the silence in the other room was deafening untill i returned again.

My mum didnt come, sister and bf did. We had some nice meatpie and sallad and a game of Kubb. Later on we watched Bridget Jones Diary on video and just chilled out. I called my mum after sister had left and she was very sad and depressed. She had been sitting on a chair contemplating her life all afternoon. :o(
I talked to her for a while and she seemed to pick up a bit. I asked her to come out with us on Slussbruden for a tour of the lake and a stop at Torsĺng today. It is a bit cloudy but it might pick up mid day. We're taking our cameras with us anyway. Even James' old digital Mr Speedy migth be able to take a few nice ones. Im off to get ready now. Blog later about the tour!

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