Friday, July 05, 2002

It was easy work today. Even had time to sit down and have a little gossip with the girls at work becuase it was so quiet. There were lots of angry shit talking going on because of the recent developments at work. And previous staff parties... I do wonder more often why im still at this work. But i have to bend and stay at it a bit longer. James still havent got any steady job so cant really scamper out of my work just yet.

I was thinking today when sitting at the till how nice it would be to have a house. I started to wonder what sort of house i would like to have one day. Well thats not really true, i've been wanting a house for the last half year or so. Can you get a lust for houses? Really really needing like? Maybe i just want somewhere that i can call my own. Where i can do whatever i like, whenever i like.

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