Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Another perfect swedish summers day. I really am wondering how much sweat you can lose during one day! It feels like buckets full, especially since i've been really 'sporty' and biked a lot today.

As usuall on tuesdays it was granny day. I went shopping for her and she came out with me for a stroll to the garbage shoot out in the yard. She met some of her neighbours and had a little chatter. She is still well known from her working days. She and my dad had a vegetable and fruit stand in the market so naturally they got to know lots of people. Gran did work with it untill she was well in her 70's before they had to close down because there really werent any business to talk about in the end. One of the bad things with modern supermarkets, they trow all the old specialized little shops out of business. Well at least here in Sweden that was what happend. Am i old fashioned when i want to go to the local butcher and get my meat? Or to the deli round the corner to get my whatnots of cheese and ham? Sure supermarkets are good and efficent when you want to buy cheap, in bulk and everything at once. But i like the idea of the small shop around the corner.

I've been bored all day today. Is the rest of the vacation going to be like this? If it is it SUCKS. Maybe boredom is to blame in me biking up the long hill to the cemetary so i could go water the plants and discover it was all wet already? And maybe boredom made me go an extra long round to get to my mums to leave her earrings she forgot at the hairdressers and made me go pick up? Heh...well at least it might have the good effect of me getting a bit more toned and slim for it. Not that i would count on it though, LOL!

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