Monday, July 15, 2002

That was a long shopping list wasnt it if it took untill today to finish it... ;)

Well, i wasnt in the mood to blog so, what can I say...

Today has really been cleaning day and washing day and HOT SUMMERS DAY with sweat pouring from every pore in my body! So even though its only 5 in the afternoon i am totally washed up and melting! But there is a bit more clouds out there today so i will be having a shower soon and going off for some shopping of cold drink. The shop was totally out of Pepsi yesterday so James came back with 2 very small bottles, which wont last very long in this sun. So im going a hunting later on, besides i can need a break from all the household chores. No wonder James had this smug grin on his face today when he went to work because he knew what was in store for me with the washing and the cleaning and all that stuff that he generally does.. Am i spoiled? YES! We LOVE not needing to do all of this i'll tell you.
We? Heh... I of course, cant be so pompous as to talk in third person? Well, yeah we can.. ;o)

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