Monday, July 08, 2002

Yesterday was a very weird day. I start work at 1 but there really wasnt any people in and nothing to do in the store so i got to go home earlier. So the day felt a bit, useless really. I will have to see if Big Boss comments on me leaving early. But i did help Boris out doing all of the dairy section for him before asking if it was alright to go home early since it was my brothers birthday and we were going there afterwards. Speaking of Boris, it has been alright to work with him this weekend. Im still in shock! Well maybe it did make a difference that i helped Boris out previously in the week. You never know how that turns out, helping him i mean. Either he can be very nice to you for a while afterwards, or he will assume that your his slave and he'll put every imaginable work on you from then on. But, i dont really care about which for the moment, Im going on holiday in 4 days time so he can do whatever he likes.

Big Brother was away on vacation last week. Wonder if he is back already? Gossip at works says that he will only be here untill this fall, but he thinks himself that he still has a year left here. It will be interesting to see if Big Boss has the balls to tell his brother off.. Im sure that he gets cut off because of his behaviour against the girls during the parties we've had. But according to Big Brother he has been so nice and the perfect gentleman every time. HA!

It will be so incredibly NICE to see him go you cant imagine it. I dont think i've ever met anyone as false and hollow as that man. I would say he is the classic , not pervert but close, Mr Nice Guy turning ugly. Oh he is really all charm and witt to start with. But if you dont meet his 'standards' you get cut short and backstabbed when not in the room, but still he is all sweet towards you. Yuck!

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