Sunday, July 14, 2002

How life tosses you around...
Friday being my last day before my 3 week vacation i was set to really enjoy myself. But the last day was crap and i totally just gave up on working with Mr T. So in the end i didnt do much at all, leaving most of it for him to sort with during the afternoon. Came home, sat in the sofa and the next minute i slept. Later on when returning my mums call she made while i was sleeping, i got some terrible news from her, which im sorry i wont tell you all about, but that upset me a lot. I still am. But as they so nicely say, only time will tell.
Didnt really feel like going to the festival friday night so stayed in and had a lazy evening.

Come saturday and having talked to mum again i felt a bit better so the three of us went to the festival during the whole day. But im disappointed, it seems as if the festival is getting smaller. There usually is a HUGE market going on in town but it was really..petty this time. And they've done some changes in the festival itself that felt, awkward and wrong. But i think the main thing was that they now have made it forbidden to drink alcohol in the park where it is being held. So you cant bring your own bottle of wine or cold beer to your picnic anymore, which i think pissed many off. And they just have the one big stage now, and not like it was before, 3 of various sizes. So it all felt slow and dragging when there wasnt anything on the main stage and nothing on in the small dance tent. It was BORING! We listend to an american folkmusic group called Child's Play. A wonderful mix of american, irish, rumanian folkmusic played with violins. There were reels, jigs, rumanien dance music etc. And some extras as well as the man making music only using his hands and body. I bought a cd with them as well which im listening to right now,stomping my ickle feet in tune. We also listend to Cara Dillon from Ireland before going off to have something to eat.The main attraction later on in the evening was as good as i remembered, if only they could have sacked the soundtechnician guy. The sound was terrible the second part, to high and screetchy(?)
I will return with more on yesterdays concerts after we've been shopping. :o)

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