Thursday, July 18, 2002

WHAT do you need to do to get some cooler air?
Dance a raindance, make some sort of human offering to the weather gods.

As you guessed it is AGAIN superwarm, overcast and stuffy, plsplsplspls let there be thunder later on today!
But we managed to go for a bikeride out to Källviken. It was earlier on and it was still cool from the night before so it was wonderful going there and have a rest on one of the benches at the marina and watch the few boats that were out in the very still waters of Runn. The whole lake looked like one giant mirror, not a ripple in sight. Wonderful..

Im now going to get my photos im having developed. Some of them are from last years festival (hohum) But i have to say i dont use that camera that often, thats why they are old in it.... believe me? :o)

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