Monday, July 29, 2002

My last week of doingnothingnotacareintheworld! But this week we will be doing a bit more stuff. Tomorrow we have a concert to go to. Rhapsody in rock with Robert Wells and guests. That will be fun.

And then on wednesday we are taking the train down to Gothenburg to meet up with Mary. We'll just stay there over night though before heading back up, but it gives us a chance to see her and have a good gossip about whats been going on since we last saw her in february. Hopefully we wont burn down the house! Knowing the jinxed story about our previous meets im not holding my breath about anything! LOL
Maybe the bbq planned isnt such a good idea? ;o)
At least i would have made my cheesecake to comfort us if anything happens.....

Todays job is to find a suitable housewarming present for Mary, hopefully she doesnt read this before we are down there, so any suggestions what to give?

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