Thursday, August 01, 2002

No we didnt burn down the house having a bbq, but yes something did happen as always when we meet Mary.
We missed our connection train due to a rookie train attendant not knowing the right platform for the Gothenburg train! He sent us running to a different platform and when we got there we could see our train disappear from the same platform we came in on!!! Talk about having a bad first day at work getting 18 of us pissed off travelers who just missed our train. He looked extra sweaty when he came up to explain he would take care of this and then franticaly started to phone around to see what they could do for us. We eventually got down to Hallsberg where we would be able to catch the X2000, express train, since it would make an extra stop just for poor us. Didnt we feel special... Still we came down to Gothenburg one hour late and missed our train for Trollhättan. But there was one 1˝ hours later. And as Mary said, they would come get us if something else happend. Which it didnt, thank the gods!

So finaly we got to Trollhättan there our driver was waiting for us. First time meeting Philip in real but we knew him from IRC chatrooms. He was a happy chappy and very nice, but oh i understand where he took his nick from , he drives like a mad one! He is called MadWolf.... Im a seriously bad backseat driver at times, which both Mary and Philip can assure you about.. ;o)

We had a lovely bbq dinner and lots of gossip. We gave Mary two, engraved with flowers, crystall wine glasses. Which was good since she got two crates with wine from Philips parents as a thank you for taking good care of him while he was in Ireland working a couple of years ago. After a wonderful evening at Mary's and a good nights sleep we then got a lift in to Gothenburg today because we wanted to do some shopping before getting the three o'clock train back to Falun. Found myself a bargain, trousers to half the saleprice, just the ones i couldnt find up here for full price! And some other bits and bobs.

We got homealright, even though the carriage was so warm it felt like you was in a 3 hour sauna all the way to Hallsberg where we changed trains. And now after kebab and a cool shower and lots to drink, we are going to bed! Night folks..

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