Sunday, August 11, 2002

When i was logging in to write a bit today i saw there was a blog updated called YOU ALL SUCK.... what is the meaning of having such a blogname? Do they feel the whole world is against them? Super paranoia or maybe they just dont have any brains? I'll leave it up to you to decide, but i would go with the later one..

Its been a warm week and work is proving to be the ultimate test in how much heat you can tolerate while working, no kidding! Hopefully it will be autumn before you can say geee wizz and i will be happier than a polarbear in the northpole. ;o)

Our famous Boris is on vacation! Oh the joy of going to work knowing he isnt to be seen for at least 2 weeks! But as everything there is a downside to it. We have a Boris wannabe in the temps that are filling in for people this summer. Christoffer is his name and if he doesnt watch it i will wack him one one of these days when im working with him! Can you imagine a boy, newly saved by the halleluja church in town, fed with all sorts of rediculous notions that women are inferior and supposed to obey man and treat him with respect no matter how rude he gets?? That is what we have, but you just wait for friday to come along when im closing the store and he is working ..... Why do i have this feeling i just grew a couple of horns? >;o)

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