Friday, August 23, 2002

Oh we are muchly impressed by the new computer so much i might even write a bit!
It is such a change from using your old trust worthy(well sometimes) win 95 to using the new win xp. But im not sure i like the layout of it. I like the bouncy new keyboard even though its an english one that dont have those essential swedish letters ĺäö... But that can be achived using alt and numbers but still... Might buy ourselves a new keyboard...

Here it is a really wonderful summer. They havent had one of these since they started measuring weather and temp. Only down side is that there are really loads of evil wasps! You know the kind that are so slow and curious and dont care if they land on your hair or arm or what. We have plenty of those, especially at work as our garbage looks like your regulare smorgasbord to them. Hopefully it will come one night of unexpected frost and kill most of them off. It is getting to be like that even though the days are nice and warm. It was only +5 the other early morning when i biked to work. Woke me up for sure!

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