Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Are you lonesome tonight.....?

What is it with the mystery and attraction of Elvis Presley? Im listening to a cd with his olden goldies and reflected over the cult that is around his person. I swear there will be The Church of Elvis soon ,if not already there is such a thing i might add! I have a vague memory of seeing some tv program of people getting married by some Elivs inpersonator and that he also did requests on songs to the wedding cermony. Anyone got any ideas why? I mean he was a brilliant singer , misguided though trough his career. But still brilliant.
Is it the early death? The "misspelling" of his second name on his gravestone? What??
Or maybe there is a hidden urge for guys (and girls mind you!) to dress up as him and shake those hips untill they plop off... ;o)

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