Wednesday, August 28, 2002

No good going shopping today me thinks. I got home with both a new keyboard and a new printer! I hid them under the blanket so James wouldnt see them when he got home, but i think the big bump in the bed gave them both away and he found them anyways! The keyboard is one of those multifunctional ones from Microsoft. It is wide as a ufo me thinks but it is gorgeous to write with. Soft touch buttons, oh heaven compared to my old one which sometimes needed a quite a hard punch to get some keys to work, to much crumbs under them i

The printer needs an USB lead to work and since it wasnt included and i didnt read well enough to realise i needed to buy one of those, James will have to trot over and get one tomorrow before we can test it. But right now im going to write a few emails and enjoy every minute of it... how sad can you get about computers and gadgets, like James? ;o)

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