Monday, August 19, 2002

I have been working this weekend so feel a bit worn out. The heat doesnt help either. Its been a cracking summer though so im not complaining, but as someone said at the store yesterday, it is time for a bit of cool weather now. Obviously you can have too much warm weather..?

The weekend was really lazy, we went fishing on saturday evening. Sat watching the half moon, all nice and goldy reflecting on the still waters of Runn while waiting for the fish to bite. It was very relaxing to watch the boats go by with their night lanterns on and on occasion feel the nibble from the fishing rod hoping you would catch the big one. I had my best fishtrip so far. I caught 3 small fishys, according to the dictionery its a dace/roach - dark grey back, white belly and red eyes and fins.

Work has been proving to be very trying since thursday. We got a new cardpayment system installed then. Now the customers have to pull their own card and bonus card if they want to pay or get the bonus points of their shopping. Needless to say its been hard on ones nerves to try to be patient and understanding when people are doing something new. But for Gods sake, cant people READ??? Attached on the new machine we have a card, which i think is very clear - big text and very simple instructions, that tells you EXACTLY how you use it... But do you think they read it? NO!
And some refuse blankly to use it, not even try it out saying it is too difficult and why should they do it since i get payed to sit where i sit and serve them! That last comment i got yesterday which didnt improve the already crappy day/mood i was having from the aches and pains i had had all day in my body. Jeanette thought i might be getting a cold but i hope not, colds in summertime stink. So going to work today isnt exactly what i am looking forward to....

No luck on the lotto either this weekend. We were going to win it big this time, we were sooo sure of it ... ;o)

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