Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Oh im so clever i amaze myself!
Here we have been having a bit of trouble getting the keyboard to use swedish letters as well and i had a look around and found where you go and change the settings. So now i have swedish keyboard settings by the press of an ickle button on the taskbar or a key command, arent i clever?

We'll have to see if we get ourselves a new keyboard, i quite fancy this one but im sure i can be convinced that a Logitec one is much nicer to type on and they have these nice shortcut buttons on them as well... Have to see if i will go over to OnOff for a peek of their selection. But not right now, my head is hurting so am going to take a Alvedon for it and go have a catnap me thinks. Still very chuffed i solved the problem with the swedish letters though, especially since James couldnt find where you do it. That is typical male really, you know where i found it? In the Help section of course....... ;o)

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