Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Being back to work is really...awfull? Maybe not THAT awfull, just very disappointing i suppose. You get your body in holidaymood and then have to swing back to stressed out work mood. Monday was fine, lots to do but i couldnt care less since it wasnt me that was closing. I just did my stuff at the tills and counted my money and went home.

Tuesday was ..interesting.. Got back to being at the veggies and discovered what had been going on when i was on holiday. Seems that the first thing i needed to do was clean up. I just dont get it, if something is rotten or dryed up, surely you put it in the trash? You dont leave it to rot further making everything go dodgy, or do you...? Well i must be very weird then in thinking that you DO get rid of it, preferably before it has gone all soggy and wet. And on a closer inspection i found out that Jeanette must have a parsly fetish, because how else do you explain that we already had 6 big boxes with bunched up parsly and she had ordered 2 more for yesterday? Still not selling any of the old stuff of course but we still need 2 more boxes..??? It was at this stage i got into swearing, quite heavily as well since she had ordered just 3! boxes of red apples, and we usually sell 3 boxes in 2 hours, minimum. Anyway, i did some extra orders for the same day and just to be mean put down a few more pallets of fruit and veggies for today. Wonder what Jeanette will say when i see her tomorrow evening... ;o)

Today me and mum went to this outlet store (notice the name, i guess they have a lawsuit pending for stealing the original...;o) ). It is a branch off the big one down in Ullared. It was a disappointment. The clothes were alright but it was very picked out and not really anything for now. I guess if you come the right day when they have new stuff in it would be worth the trip, but how do you get to know when that is? I bought 2 tops and a nice skirt and some other bits and bobs. But mainly thought naaah, not worth it. When we got home i was so tired i had to have a nap. Being up late does that to poor ol' me. As you might have guessed James is working nights again , so, i cant sleep. It didnt help one bit either that i only had 4 hours sleep on monday night since i couldnt get to sleep and had the early morning on tuesday. In all im a poor wacked little tigs with a growing headache, so im going to hit the bed right about, now! Night peeps

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