Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Work today was a sauna. No kidding, the humidity outside was at 90% or so for most of the day and then it rained in the afternoon, but no thunder so still all stuffy. I hate that sort of weather, you dont breath, you drink lukewarm soup like air! Got home and fell asleep in James' arms as i was too tired to do anything else. Siesta i think it is called..lol

Would you go to another town to buy your sausages? That is what mum is doing tomorrow and of course silly me said i would come with her as company when she asked. It will be interesting to see what we find. So after the weekly visit to my gran off we go to Hofors. Not a big town at all, a silly ickle village really but apparently big in the world of sausages! I will be back with a report on the sausage hunt tomorrow.. Untill then, sleep well.

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