Saturday, August 24, 2002

I've just sent James out for a bikerun by himself since i was getting on his nerves fidgeting all the time while watching a film according to him. I was not fidgeting! I just couldnt get comfy, we were trying out the dvd player in our computer and since we didnt get it to work with the leads to the tv we had to watch it on the computer. Which was fine i thought untill i realised it meant laying in bed. I dont know what it is about that since i am half slumped in the sofa anyways watching telly. But it just didnt seem as comftable on the bed as it does on the sofa. Anyway, hopefully he will come back a bit less restless and then WE can go out for a longer bikeride somewhere nice and cool. Preferable by the lake so i can do a bit of fishing, maybe.. ;o)

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