Monday, August 26, 2002

Have you ever thought about how good you feel after having a shower?
Me and water, its something magical. Mum used to say i was a water animal when i was a kid. We were lucky to have a lakeside house when we grew up. And every summer you knew where you would find me, down by the lake, playing, splashing water around on everyone that came to close. I was very slow in learning how to swim, so one winter when i was around 7 we went on holiday down to Austria and stayed at this hotel with a lovely pool. I guess i didnt think (as kids do) when i went to the deep end of it. I almost drowned as i walked out too far, but my brother rescued me and carried me to the shallow part. But ever since then i am a bit vary of water. Not that i dont swim or so but i just dont like it when it gets deep under you.

I did learn how to swim later on in school. But i didnt get over the fear of deep water, and the instructors never understood what had happen to me to make me so scared of deep water. So as i was trying my best in learning, obviously they didnt think i was doing well enough and gave up on trying to teach me the more advanced things. I passed the very basic test and could proudly show off my little swimming knowledge badge you got after doing certain things, jumping, diving and swiming a certain distance. But after that i always came up with an excuse when it was time to go swiming with the class.

I just thought about this today when i heard some people in the store making plans to go swiming later on tonight in the moonlight....
I wish i could go too..

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