Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Yes I know. Not a pretty picture when you sneeze on your screen without holding a hand in front of your mouth. But I didn't have time ok! *wiping screen*grumble*grumble*
I hate having a cold! No, I hate even more to have a fever. You dream really weirdly all night and cant get comfy because either you're too hot or too cold. At least you can take some aspirin. Sigh...
What do you do with yourself when you are too perky to go to bed again but don't have any energy to do anything in particular and there is only sport on telly at the moment because the winter Olympics are on?

Well of course you come here and blog a bit and make no sense whatsoever. And you look at property for sale over at
hemnet. And you try to make a fire without the use of starter sticks and give up and try and make some starter sticks of the bigger logs that all have knots in them so the knife gets stuck in EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM when you try to hammer it through! And no I'm not going out to get the ax. I will just make a hole in the floor if I do that in my state!

Thank the gods Jamie will be home soon so I can pester him about cups of tea and water and tissues and and and and. Well you know it is very hard work being sick! I got to lay down now...