Monday, July 08, 2002

So at last the music festival is here again. It is one of my favorite things to do in summer, to go and listen to all this new and interesting, weird music. The theme this year is apparently music from the Cape Verde islands. Should make an interesting week. And to those who wonder who is coming to town, of course i mean all the 'alternative' people. Not that i have anything against them. But they are not your everyday encounter down town so i suppose you notice them more. And they always, always bring this smell with them. The smell of incense over a more potent smell of weed. Everywhere they set their little stands up, selling all sorts from the furthest corners of the world, there is this sweet, flowery and strange smell.

You get the african rastas, the indians from peru, the overgrown hippies from Sweden (yes they look overgrown) tourists from all over the place, saying how quaint and exotic it is, new age gurus, plus many more. And everywhere these tam-tam drums, fiddlesqueeks, didgeridoos playing constantly all through the night. You also get the spontainius street dance parties, general drunkeness, and the mix of music you get when people meet up and ask how your strange instrument works and if you would like to jam with them to see how it sounds like. I bet Rosie will be out shaking her african rattle with some music lovers in the park this year as she did last year.

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