Thursday, September 09, 2004

Guests have come and gone and everything is back to normal. Plus an autumn cold I might add. It was fun having my inlaws over for a long weekend. We managed to do lots and see a bit more of the area around Falun as well on Saturday. Best part I think was the bowling on Friday evening. I think I'll ask James to go bowling with me on Saturday if he isn't too tired from working extra. He has his mind set on buying a house now so every time he gets a little extra he says we got a new thing to the house, like a porch, a window, I think he has managed to squeeze in a roof as well in there...

I was in a baking mood yesterday, thought I'd try out Mr Jamie Oliver's stuffed breakfast breads. PfffT! As you might have guessed it didn't go so well. And I thought it tasted like sweaty socks even though the stuffing sounded nice and looked nice(parma ham, mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, sun dried tomatoes, basil and hard boiled eggs)! That might just have been my cold BUT the breads did NOT look anything like his, firstly they were humongus in size even though I tried to make them smaller but then the filling wouldn't have fitted at all and they didn't stay nice and puffed instead they just swelled all over the baking tray like a sloppy jello gone bad. So I had to put them in separate trays or else it would have been one gigantic mutant bread that would have I'm sure taken over the world like the big amoeba in the film Evolution tried in the end sequence!

So today I'm trying something more sublte and easy, potato and leek soup. I've done it a gazillion times before but remembering yesterday I'm keeping my mouth shut until I've tasted it. Later I'm going to do a batch of Swedish meat balls for the freezer so James only have to take a ready made meal out if we are out of ideas for dinner or his next day lunch box. Wish me luck though!

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Snowbabies said...

Not sure about the stuffed bread or the potato and leak soup but the Swedish meat balls sound interesting, we've only had tinned ones before (non Swedish) and have often thought about making our own.