Thursday, March 04, 2004

Working weekends really drains me of all energy right now. Its been up until today that I feel like I'm sort of getting in tune with the week. But I thought it was friday for a split second this morning at 9 when I woke , panicking because that meant I was late for work! But then I thought a bit longer and no I was alright, it is thursday, right?

Yesterday on my day off we went to Borlänge to investigate where James has to go when he is having his interview about a job tomorrow. Please think of him at around 10.30 swedish time and hold your fingers crossed that he will get it. It was a bit further out then we thought but he said he would be alright in getting there in time even though he will have to walk for quite a distance from the bus stop. We did pop in by Kupolen as well and managed to come just as the fire trucks arrived to the post center. Huge black clouds indicated that someone wasn't going to get their mail the next day. It wasn't as bad as we thought though seeing the little article about it in todays newspaper. It had been a little post van burning when re-charging its batteries. But from the smoke you would have thought at least half the building was going up in flames. We stood watching it for a while before going into the petshop. Our surviving siamese fighting fish didn't go so well with our new goldfish, the little bugger went and chewed on the goldfishes tails. So it was promptly put back into its old little tank. But it was getting depressed and not eating or swimming or anything so I came up with the brilliant idea to get it a mini tank with filter and plants and rocks to hide under. Thing is, the mini all- inclusive 'beginners' tank costed more then my bigger tank I had for christmas! At least it is eating again and swimming around. I'm thinking about getting it a mate, will have to see what I do. The new goldfish knows when it is feeding time now and they do swarm by the corner where I drop their food into the water, but they do that every time I come close to the tank anyway, greedy ickle buggers... :)

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