Thursday, March 18, 2004

To bake or not to bake, that is the question.

Or rather, what to bake and what not to bake.
See it is like this. We are 3 girls from work who are planning to bake bigtime on Sunday in an old fashion baking oven. There are some places around that people can borrow if they want to do this. Does it sound strange? Oh well, on Sunday we are going to go medieval and bake the old fashioned way in a wood fueld oven. It will be up to James to make sure the heating is evenly dispensed and that there are enough hot coals for the bread to bake by. I think it will be somewhat messy but mostly fun. Lotta, me and Ulrika have plans, big plans for what we are going to bake. And I'm hoping it will be bread we are coming back with and not black logs of black, hard crusted, dry wannabee bread

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