Sunday, March 21, 2004

Finaly back home!
Its been a very fun but busy day baking. We decided to try out different breads to see which ones are suited for baking in a woodfired oven.
This is what we tried today.

1. Gotland loaf
2. Rye loaf
3. Thecakes
4. Croissants with poppy seeds
5. Wheat buns with raisins
6. Tunnbröd (thin tortilla like bread)
7. Sticky bun log (only a half since we shared the last bits of flour when we made these)

All in all it is heavy and hot work making all that bread and ending up with so little now when you look at it. But it was a tester run anyway and we had great fun doing it all. Not to mention to bake the breads in the oven without it getting all black on one side and not baked at all on the other. I think we will be doing more tunnbröd next time round and having a different recipe with more spice in. I was very good at shuffeling those in and getting them out before they burnt to a crisp, which only took less then a minute if you werent paying attention! You also got very good at making the fire burn evenly after a while even though Lotta is sporting a few burnmarks on her arms because she werent thinking that the rim of the oven would be very hot.

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