Saturday, May 10, 2003

The weekend...

Its a working weekend for me though, maybe thats why the sun is shining and it is pretty darn HOT outside! It is just not fair is it. Because i can bet you anything that next weekend when i am off from work there will be rain and hail and other unpleasent things flying around outside!
At least i didnt need to get up at 5.30 on my weekend off to go to work and do a stocktake now did i James... ;o)
Sulk over.. am feeling much better now.

In other news? Not much really, my life at the moment is at a standstill. Wedding ahead, but not so close yet to make everything spring into action. It is a bit sad that the only interesting thing happening is when i have a small argument with James over what we are going to eat for dinner. Silly but i suppose you grasp after anything that could turn the temperature up a notch into INTERESTING when the rest of your life just seems plain and dull.
Is it a bad sign wen you look at a desk and just have this urge to sweep all the crap that is on it into a box and trow it away because nothing gets put away anyway? Or it might just be the hormones...

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