Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Currently listening to A*Teens - A perfect match
I got some new music in the post this morning which i am listening to right now. There are quite alot of new music i would like to listen more to. Thank gods for Kazaa i'll tell you. Free music and if you dont like it just delete it!

Its been a very productive day off. I vacumed a bit this morning, went to grans to do her shopping, managed to clean out her fridge a bit as well. Anyone know when porridge grows legs and walks by itself? I think i have a rough idea by now... Also went to Borlänge with mum to renew her visa and to see if we could find some shoes. Oh no shopping with mum i thought but it all turned out very good. Both me and her found some new shoes. Just have to wear them a bit now before the Big Day. I also found a nice top that my mum 'helped' me buy, as thanks i bought her a fika at Almas cafe. And when i got home the Rankhyttan people phoned up and gave me an estimate, more over here. And a bit later Marie phoned up and asked if it was alright for her and Malin to come over for a fika which it of course was. They came and had bought us a housewarming present, a lovely lantern from my favorite shop (Indiska). I was surprised to say the least. We had some cold juice and buns and chattered away happily in the kitchen untill Malin had to get going home before her bf reported her missing, he wanted his dinner i presume ;)

And the rest of the evening i've spent listening to music. Im surprised at how little i listen to now a days. At one time in my life i couldnt live without music on. But the last few years have been very quiet. Not that i've stopped completly but it became rare to put a cd on just to sit and listen to it. Btw i think Sugababes are my new favorites.

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