Sunday, May 18, 2003

So, Tom, Dick and Harry have arrived. Dont ask me why but James thought they were suitable names for our new pets. They are females though so they might get offended if i call them by their names in public. Never mind that, what are they you might ask, they are fish. Siamese fighting fish to be more accurate. I have a photo to show you how the species look like.

The fish on the left is a female and the more flamboyant one is a male. Our three ickle females are red, white and blue....
We got them from Marie at work, she is going to move to England in september so instead of trying to kill them off she asked if we were interested in taking them on, all she asked for the tank, fishfood and fishes were a bag of my home made buns. I thought i'd made a good deal! Once i cleaned the tank out and rearranged the stones and added a few bigger ones as caves and stuff i let the fishes back in, they were being held in a little shrimpsallad container while i was mucking about. I think they liked it. Its very hard to tell you know. At least they ate all the fishfood i dropped in afterwards. If you have any better suggestions of names for them we gladly take them in the comments section :o)

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