Thursday, April 17, 2003

I've changed my flower picture to one that this guy has taken. What can i say, im in awe of his lovely pictures and i will watch his next step very closely and wait for the next set of pictures to appear on his site. He even inspired me to take pictures again, which i havent been doing for quite some time.

I do wonder when you stop having enough TIME to do stuff you really liked to do. Does that come with age? I dread the years to come in that case and i really REALLY hope i wont become like all the senior citizens i see stressed out in the shop each day because they dont have the time to wait in line for their turn. They rudely remark they havent got the time to wait! They gots things to do, people to meet. Isnt retirement supposed to be just that, retirement. Not saying you have to sit in a chair and slowly fade out. But that you finaly have the time to do all that stuff you were planning but never got the chance for when you were younger when raising kids and working all hours of the day took all that precious time.

I've always thought there's more to life then your work but recently it has all been just that, work, work, work. And i dont even do very inspiring kind of work part from my 2 days in the fruit and vegetable section. People(yes you know who you are) are always hassling me to change what i do if i dont like it and i do know they are right. Maybe one day i will do just that, but not right now... I really dont know what would be needed to get me to change. But it would be something major or at least that i have a better job landed already.

How about you people coming here, yes i know you are a few, still, would you be doing what you are now if you had a choice and could do whatever you would like to?

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