Saturday, April 05, 2003

I've worked extra today, so had to get up at 5.20 this morning, yes 5.20 this morning Maria went up and asked herself, is she stoopid! But im not, just have to work for Malin since she very kindly worked for me when we moved house earlier. It was alright once you got there and got started. And the day went very quickly for being a saturday. Anyway as a result of the early start im yawning my head off and so is James since he also got up a bit later to do some laundry at 7. After work we went to my mum for dinner, we decided to bike there. But since there is half storm outside it was alright going there but the trip back home just took the last bit of energy out of both of us i think.

There was a storm on yesterday, some roofs got lifted off a couple of apartment buildings in the next town, but nothing major here. Just a few powerlosses and lots of trees falling down. But that is expected when it is so windy that you can almost lean into the wind without falling flat on your face! And theres been some snow, both wet and soggy laying on the ground stuff and that hard prickly stuff that stings you when biking home from mums!

Oh well, what better way to relax then to have a look at The Two Towers laying in our sofa vegging away. Oh did i just say that, but how is that possible you say since it hasnt even come out on video yet. Well, i will just say that the nice toothfairys left it for me under my pillow since i have had a rotten toothache for a couple of days. Getting your wisdom teeth does that to you. Or i might just be delirious.... ;o)

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