Thursday, April 17, 2003

There are little witches and witchmen running around distributing Happy Easter cards in exchange for sweets and kronas. Its a swedish tradition that the ickle people dress up and in a sense go 'trick or treating' on the thursday before Easter, but if they dont get anything they dont trick you here. Now last was a very rowdy gang of boys with painted mustaches and awfull big hats. Dont think they were more then 11 - 12 years old. Will see if any one else comes round. Usually they should only do this on thursday but lately they come all the days before and during easter. They should stick to tradition me thinks! ;o)

Can i say i am SOOO glad to be home from work? I just sat and watches as a trail of people walked into the shop this morning when i unlocked the entrance door. The first 5 minutes was just people pouring in through the door. And 10 minutes later the queues started to build and was at a constant untill i went home. Im sure they are still long as we speak even though we are supposed to be closing now at 8. But i didnt mind the people because i got to go home after half a day of it and dont need to go back to work now for 4 lovely days. And they have promised excellent weather all through the holiday, so im not complaining, besides it made the day go so much quicker.

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