Sunday, April 13, 2003

Do you do something special when you get home from work just to make a point your not longer at work? My little ritual is to have a glass of pepsi, take my watch off and go online. Well i drink pepsi a lot and go online frequent enough but it seems like that when im not working i dont wear a watch, to James' irritation i might add because it always seems to end up that i am asking him every so often what the time is.... :)

Well sitting here and listening to the sorry whinging from James, who actually did volunteer to do the dinner, that he cant find anything to make and that we dont have anything he could do something with it amazes em that he wont look up a cookbook and find something he fancy to try out! Thats what i would do, that or do the sure thing, takeaway. Lets see what he says when he reads my post...... ;o)

Work today was utterly boring, busy but utterly boring. It is total crap to work weekends with Boris, becasue the only thing you want to do is strangle the poor sod and stuff him in his freezer! Thank the Gods that Big Boss is coming back from his golfingtour in Holland tomorrow. Maybe it will make things go back from being Boris' private playpen to a normal workplace! And maybe Big Boss can calm down the lynchmob that will otherwise assemble in the kitchen tomorrow morning.

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