Friday, April 25, 2003

It has been a busy week after easter. So sorry for the lack of posts. But i'll try to recap a bit whats been happening this week at least while James is doing my supper. Just got back home from work you see and am relaxing with some lovely cold Pepsi and just finished checking my mail.

So, this week, hmmmm... The picture from the post below(James took that one) is from sunday when we had been out so see our friend Rosie and her bf Pär in her parents summercottage. It was lovely weather and we had an indoor bbq since there was a ban on any outdoor burning because of the dry weather we have been having the last couple of weeks. Still havent rained. We stayed there for a full day and had lots of good food and loads of laughs and a few mosquito bites but never mind that. We walked around the stuga(cottage) area and snapped away some pictures. Both some on James digital one but i brought my Canon EOS with me as well and managed to use up 2 rolls of film. All in all a very relaxing day, even got a bit sunburnt so might not look so pale anymore.

On monday we both had a day off so i asked my mum if she wanted to go to IKEA with us, which we ended up doing. They were rebuilding the shop so it wasnt as big and tidy as usuall but i found some lovely, coulorfull material that i've made into a table cloth and also a big, white( i wanted the squeeky green one but James put his foot down) plastic container on wheels with a selfwatering system in that im going to plant some runnerbeans in later on in may when its warmer. We also bought a loooong curtainpole with attachments on the side, it seems the lenght of a window in Sweden isnt longer then 3 m because i havent been able to find any that are longer then that, we need 3.20, so i was very pleased to finaly find something other then the usuall drab one that comes with the apartment.

Tuesday was boring work and as usuall i was very tired from the early start so i wasnt much use afterwards. Though we did bike out to the surplus shop on the other side of town to have a look at outdoor chairs(they just had ugly white plastic ones) and i got my bike fixed in the bikeshop on the way, the chain has been hopping off so it needed tightening a bit.

Wednesday we had lots of things planned and i think we managed to do most of them. I phoned the county hall to see what they needed from me since they had phoned up earlier before easter. Just need to hand in name and adress of our witnesses for the wedding. Also i phoned Rankhyttan to ask about food and that we will get the table flowers from the same guy who is doing my bouque, but all this you can read in my other blog. Also i got to talk to the chef about some ideas we have about what we want to eat at the wedding. We went around town doing various small errands, getting James a nice white shirt and silver grey silk tie was one of them. He looks really really handsome in his new suit. I also had a look at shoes for me but couldnt really find anything in town, might go to Borlänge one day next week to see if i find anything there. The only good shoeshop in Falun closed earlier this year, well the only one i ever went to anyway. The two other ones are too trendy, well you know the kind. Ones that dont have any comfy shoes that you can wear next year as well, get my point?
I also had a first fitting of my dress later on in the afternoon so we were spending the day wandering around town untill it got to 5. More in here

Yesterday was a bore at work, Lotta was home sick so i had to settle for Mrs Boris as company at the tills.... I neednt say more. But we finaly got round to buying some window boxes we're going to hang outside on the balcony. Got them in a nice deep blue colour and quite long ones, also bought some pansys to set out in my little square metal pot. I'll take a picture later on tomorrow. And James got his bike back as well all fixed up since the back wheel hub had cracked and broken down and needed replacing.

And today was just the usuall Big Friday when people get paid and rush over to us to spend all their money at once, or at least it felt like it today. To say im pleased im home is an understatement! Enough babbling, time for dinner! I'll post more later, hopefully

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