Sunday, March 23, 2003

*creek* Ouch! Oh how I wish we would have a bath at times like this. That was me creeking by the way when I got out of bed this morning. My hands are aching from holding the planks when sawing and from pushing and banging on them when they wouldnt fit neatly into the other planks!

But despite all the aches today, I must say again how FANTASTIC the new floor looks like! It is such a difference from when we moved in Im almost tempted to move our bed into the guestroom!! Im going to get cracking soon with measuring how much new skirtingboard we have to buy at Coop. The old ones are very dry and in some places crumbly now when it is off the walls.

James is out doing a 10 k run this morning and im up very bright and early for being a weekend. But i suppose it is good because then i have time to finish all the odd little jobs that are left now, like painting the little bit above the tiles in the kitchen and measure out where the curtain rails are going as well and drill holes for them. Not yet though, have to consider the neighbours a bit. I think they had enough of our powersaw yesterday.... ;)

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