Thursday, March 20, 2003

So, it has started then..... And as usuall it will be a televised marathon program about it untill the media thinks it is no longer news. Meanwhile thousands of people will die, mostly civilians, of course. Or as they are teaching us to think right now, collateral damage..

I am not pro war in any way, but something has to be done about Saddam. But war? No, surely there must be some other way, just dont know how. And i do think it is wrong that America went its own way and took it upon themselves to act world police again. Oh i've heard so much about how they will bring democracy to a tormented people and that the iraqi people will welcome them as their liberator. Somehow i doubt though that anyone thats been bombed to pieces will ever thank the bombers who did it to them in the name of democracy. They are showing snippets from Bush's speach on the news and it gives me the creeps everytime i hear them. He sound so righteous and arrogant, like no one can be of so high morales as the americans....

But what really makes me wonder is how God and religion has got involved in this. I've always thought that politics and religion are separet things and should never mix, because whenever they do get togheter it seems like it gets worse. Im not a religious person, never have been, but when an american president MUST have a strong christian belife (or at least fake it convincingly) to get into office i just shake my head in disbeliefe. Just as any other leader says that God is on their side and will help them out as long as they have faith...... I do think that God is pretty tired of these sort of statements from people who really cant give a fuck about God, if they did they would not drag religion into this. But since people in general need something to believe in i understand why they do it. Oh i know im rambling and im sure some christian will call me various names and say whats on their mind and how i shouldnt say anything and bla bla bla. But these are just my thoughts at the moment, i do admit im not into this as many other bloggers that are very well informed about all the goings on. I just feel very tired and weary about war even before this one has started. I think it is info overload from the news flashes.

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