Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Everything seems to be put on hold. We are having a viewing of our apartment on Friday and cant really do anything until we got a buyer for this place. So we cant really do anything in terms of starting packing and cleaning and just making the whole moving business a bit more easy and less stressful until we know if it is sold.

And I should know about stressful moving. When I moved away from home for the very first time I moved 4 times within 6 months. It wasn't my fault, promise! I was supposed to move into a 1 room and kitchen that had been converted from a 3 room and kitchen. But when it was time to move in they noticed at the final survey that they had budged up when doing the new kitchen and managed to drill through a water pipe so it all had to be redone, meanwhile I got a temporary apartment next door. Then I moved into my 1 room apartment and had a great few months there in spring. I had a lovely party at Valborg with lots of people from work and friends as well. But then in summer I started to notice this smell. After a few calls to the housing estate they came to see what could be wrong and they found a leaking old pipe in the hallway next to the bathroom. So I had to be evacuated to a 2 room apartment across the yard while they fixed the pipe and dried the apartment out. While in the 2 room apartment I found I had cockroaches in the kitchen and that was just the last straw! I had to find somewhere else because I wasn't at all comfortable to stay in that area anymore. By chance, Al (best friend from old really called Ann-Louise but Al for short) phoned early one morning saying she's seen this add for a 1 room in town and I should really phone straight away. So I did as I was told and was lucky to be the first to phone. Went and had a look at it the same day after work and it was lovely, only 5 minutes walk from the city centre and just big enough, cheap as well as the electricity was included in the rent. That is where I moved for the fourth time and that is where I stayed until James and me moved here 2 years ago.
And talking about moving here, don't move the same year you get married, it is nerve racking, I should know because I did...

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