Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Still keeping everything crossed in terms of the apartment sale, we might be able to have good news tomorrow. Well it is good already but just to make sure it is even better news for tomorrow, you know.

It is terribly busy at work at the moment. Lots of shoppers since it is Easter this weekend. The worst day is yet to come, tomorrow, until we can have a little bit of a breather on Friday. Hopefully people will be out in the lasting warm spring weather we are having at the moment and the rest of the weekend will just breeze by. It has been up to +14 today which makes for a welcome change from last weeks cold and quite nippy -15. The snow have been melting visibly today and I went for a long walk around the little lakes just down from us. All in all after a hectic morning and afternoon I am finally home and can relax a bit. But not too much or I will fall asleep!

I've started some seeds, at the moment it is just the double flowering Petunias I bought from England and a new sort of flower I've not seen before. In Latin it is Cistanthe grandiflora but in Swedish it is Stor Sidenblomma. Petunias are happily sprouting away and are a cm high. Bit gangly but I think they will get better once I take the hood off the tray. No sign of the Sidenblomma yet but they are supposed to be late at sprouting. Other then those I don't think I will have time to do any vegetables. Possibly I will do the runnerbeans in pots again to give them a head start in our cold spring and summer start. It did work a treat last year and we had a very good, big harvest of beans. Also I'm going to try out some nice yellow pearshaped tomatos in buckets at our new place. My mum is doing those for me since she had such a good hand at getting her tomato plants so big last year. All in all, it is feeling much more like spring!

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James said...

And we have to plant our purple ninja carrots as well! Dont forget those.