Friday, April 15, 2005

I know, I know its been ages since I blogged. But there has been some developments. We did sign the contract and sent it of to the housing associating for approval earlier as I blogged about. Only thing is that it came back last week Friday saying they couldn't process it because James name was in it as well. So we did rewrite the contracts and the buyers did sign again even though I thought for a while they wouldn't, you know nerves are tense before the contract has been approved. But to our surprise James still had to sign a consent form allowing me to sell the apartment! Wouldn't it had been better if they would have agreed to the first contract?! Anyway it is all done and has been sent away again to the housing association for approval.

Right now we are in England since my maniac for a husband is going to run the London Marathon on Sunday. We went into London yesterday to pick up his running number and some other freebies that came along. After that we had a very relaxing day and visited the British Museum and did a spot of shopping as well. Cant go to London without seeing what's new in Covent Garden now can you? But did we have tired feet after all that walking, no not much..

Today is set for a spot of light shopping in Ipswich and tomorrow it is visiting day to James grandparents and other relatives. Sunday we all know what James is going to do, hopefully around 4 hours worth of it as well. On Monday I suspect I will have the pleasure of pulling said James out of bed and giggle while he descends the stairs on his bum since he will be too stiff and achy from the run to walk down it. Hopefully by Tuesday he is well enough to make the plane trip home. We might have to get him a wheelchair at the airport since it is quite a long treck out to the gates in Stansted Airport... At least the ones Ryanair uses for its Swedish flights.

Finally at home it will only be a month before we are moving!

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